WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After Merck, Pfizer has acquainted a pill with treat Covid 19, which diminishes the danger of hospitalization and demise by 89% while controlling the seriousness of the sickness. 

A Pfizer official statement yesterday expresses that Covid 19's new medication, named "Pax Lloyd," ended up being more viable and fruitful than anticipated in clinical trials. 

Pax Lloyd's clinical preliminaries were directed in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia for which he wanted to elect to select 3,000 affirmed patients of Covid 19. 

In any case, further enlistment of 2100 volunteers was halted because of strangely encouraging outcomes. 

Following the "twofold visually impaired" technique for clinical preliminaries, a big part of the volunteers were taken care of a solitary portion (in pill or container type) of Pax Lloyd at 12-hour stretches day by day for five days. 

After curiously effective preliminaries, Pfizer says it is currently planning to get the medication endorsed by the FDA as an issue of earnestness (crisis backup), which will be mentioned in the following not many days. 

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