SEO Tips And Tricks For Wordpress And Blogs

Today I am going to introduce you about interesting information for New Bloggers. As well you are know that after making a website it is very important and necessary to get traffic to your blog or site.  But some beginners do some illegal attempts for get traffic and for this cause their site or blog are banned /blocked.

 What Is SEO?

SEO is stand for Search Engine Optimization.                                                                                                                                                    To get information a user can use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.                                                                            

 User doesn’t know about the site because there are millions of sites are introduced daily. So the user just types their required information. So the search engine only one way to get more traffic for your site or blog. After submitted your site into search engines. Before Submission of your site or blog you have to make your site search engine friendly. Some tips are very important for submission. 

Importance Of Meta Tags? 

Sometimes users cannot remember the complete web address. They just type their required information and get answers. When users gives their required information and press ENTER. Search Engine automatically find websites and Titles or Tags in their Data Base.  Which the Web Masters will give to search engines. After this if some information’s are match with Tags or Titles, Search Engines show these and the users get their required information’s. For this way a search engine is a way to get traffic. Here are Some tips For You.

Give Your Site Pages Name About Your Content.  

During the preparation of your site give your site pages name according to your content. For Example, If you are making a site on Mobile Phone’s and making a download page then you can give Mobile Downloads It can help search engine to find your site.

Minimum Use Of Frames.

To making your site search engine friendly you can use minimum amount of Frames. Because a search Engine cannot read the content of inside Frames. So it can make a cause of slow traffic. 

Minimum Use Of Java And Flash.

While Developing a site Don’t use of Java and Flash and also modern languages. It build a difficulty to search engines to read it. But HTML is the best way to avoid Java and Flash.

Submission Of Site In Popular Search Engines. 

The last but not the least step is submission of you site into popular search engines.



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