Police have arrested a former Sri Lankan woman on suspicion of snatching the Pushpika de Silva crown of Miss Sri Lanka and stirring up trouble on stage.

Former Sri Lankan and former Miss World Caroline Jury and her colleagues were arrested on Thursday for assaulting and damaging a theater, according to AFP.

It may be recalled that Pushpika de Silva was announced as the winner of the 2021 at Mrs. Sri Lanka who are at the Colombo Stadium on Sunday, while Caroline Jury was given the same honor in 2019.

Judge Caroline re-named her "Mrs World" in 2020.

The last event of Mrs. Sri Lanka was also broadcast on state television on Sunday when Pushpika de Silva was declared the winner in 2020 and shortly after the crowning ceremony, former Sri Lankan Caroline Jury crowned her. He was raptured.

Speaking to the press reporters outside the Colombo police station, Pushpika de Silva of Sri Lanka said he would withdraw the case if the judge apologized to the public, but the judge refused to apologize.

De Silva also told that I tried to resolve the matter out of court, but Caroline's judge refused.

Caroline Jury had stated that de Silva had no right to receive the title of Mrs.

In order to compete in the Sri Lankan competition, de Silva must marry and be separated from her husband, even though she is legally married.

Several windows were damaged in the back dressing room.

Following the incident, social media users demanded that Caroline's judge withdraw the Mrs World award.

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