How Did The Pilot Survive 36 Days After The Plane Crashed In The Amazon Jungle?

Antonio the man who lost alone in the vast Amazon jungle of Brazil, at least knew what he feared most: "The great Amazon predators, such as leopards, crocodiles, and giant dragons."

But the 36 year old experienced pilot not only had to worry about becoming the next food for a deadly animal, but he also had to find food and shelter for himself.

It was a exhausted  task and he realized that it could take several days to rescue him after his plane crashed.

But the pilot did not think that he would have to live alone for a month in hunger and thirst.

Plane crash

The last radio message from antonio was began something like, May Day May Day May Day, Papa, Dengue, India, Romeo, Juliet is falling.

In January, the plane he was flying alone to deliver goods to a remote mine had problems.

Hitting the tree branches and stuck in bushes he miraculously landed his Cessna plane in an uninhabited area north of the Amazon River.

But escaping death was just the beginning of their troubles. The plane he had been flying was ran out of fuel.

In this situation he decided to jump and leave the plane as soon as possible.

He could not use the plane as a safe haven, but he stayed around hoping someone would hear his last radio message.

I was thinking at the time that it would take five to eight days, which is usually the time of rescue in the jungle.

But seven days had passed and no help came.

The decision to go out alone

Antonio decided that if he ever wanted to see his loved ones again, he would have to leave the scene and go to a safe place on foot.

He realized that he should have to leave if no body found me

As soon as the sun rose, they started looking for a nearby settlement. 

He thought he should prepare for the night and make some safe place to spend whole night and don't know how many nights he will have to stay.

However, if anyone finds themselves in the Amazon without a ride or communication, it is a dangerous place. However, Antonio had learned some tricks that could help him survive.

I completed my jungle survival course because of my aviation background. And I was born in Amazon and spent time here. "

And they also learned the ways of living in remote areas of the jungle, which became the difference between life and death.

The pilot said when I was here, I talked to the locals whenever I had the chance and I learned a lot from them.

Search Of Food

The first thing Antonio needed was food and he enlisted the help of local animals.

Antonio also talked about fruits he said he saw fruit that I had never seen before. But when I saw monkeys eating it, I thought if monkeys could eat it, I could eat it too. '

But they wanted more than fruit. Nando's eggs. It was a very common bird in the forest. "

The bird does not fly and lays large blue eggs that Antonio sometimes encountered. 

Avoid predators

And even though they were getting a little food to survive their journey, they also had to avoid becoming food for the Amazon's bloodthirsty animals.

This is because leopards, crocodiles and dragons are all associated with water. That's why I never stopped near a body of water. "

Antonio also tried to make as much noise as possible while walking in the woods. They knew that during the day they would be attacked by an animal that was startled by their arrival, not by an animal that had heard them from a distance and was waiting.

Finally hope

Antonio's tricks worked, but he lost a lot of weight. It had been several weeks since he left the crash site.

But after 36 days, they finally found a group of people.

Antonio also said that after walking alone for several days and climbing the dunes, I found Brazilian nut collectors in a remote area,

At first they could not see the people and they searched for them with the help of their voices.

"I could hear them working."

t last their difficult time was coming to an end.

All that encouraged me and kept me hungry was the hope of seeing my family again. '

It was the best day of antonio's life when he came out of the woods and finally met him at the airport.

Helicopters and planes were sent to search for him, but he stopped several weeks ago.

If Antonio had not walked out of the forest on his own, it would have meant that he would never have met his family.

I could finally hug him, he said that he couldn't tell them how much he loved them. I did it all just for them. I always thought of them.

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