Controversy Erupted Over Mrs. Sri Lanka


Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021 winner Hasina's crown was removed due to her false claim of divorce, but when the claim was proved wrong, she was given the crown again.

At Sunday's ceremony, Pushpika de Silva was awarded the title of Mrs. Sri Lanka, but shortly after, 2019 winner Caroline Jury removed Pushpika's crown, claiming that because Pushpika was divorced, she did not deserve the honor. ۔

The jury said that Pashpika was divorced, so according to the rules, she could not win the honor of Mrs. Sri Lanka, because according to the rules, the winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka must be married and not divorced, after which the jury awarded the crown to Mrs. Sri Lanka. He took it off Pashpika's head crown and placed it on the runner's head.

It was later confirmed by the organizers that Pashpika was not divorced but separated from her husband. The organize authorities apologized to Pashpika and returned the crown to Pashpika.

Pashika also claimed to have been injured during the ceremony, but said she would take legal action against him for the abuse and humiliation.

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