Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is going to make history by shooting a movie in space.

Hollywood is one of the largest and most modern film industries in the world and its films are popular all over the world due to their expensive budgets, modern technology, excellent animation and graphics. Mail is being crossed.

According to international media, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is in touch with the US space agency NASA for the shooting of his film and wants to go to outer space for shoot his film on the International Space Station. If that happened then Tom Cruise would be the first actor to travel in space to shoot a movie.

The news was confirmed by NASA Administrator Jim Bradenstine on Twitter. He wrote that NASA is excited to work with Tom Cruise on the space station. We need popular media to make NASA's projects a reality and to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists.

From Jim's tweet, it seems that NASA also intends to achieve a lot by partnering with Hollywood. It's not like the camera has never been to the International Space Station before. Many documentaries about the space station have already been made, one of which is Tom Cruise's own voice.

Ever since the news came out that Tom Cruise will be traveling to space to shoot his film, many people, including his fans, have been excited about this film. It should be noted that no further details about this project have been revealed so far.

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