Germany: A new report from the field of medical science has revealed that just as the human brain excretes waste products, the human eye has a natural system for expelling harmful fluids. 

Research on mice has shown that they have an automated system for keeping the eyes clean, and that nature may have made a similar arrangement for our eyes, but it has not yet been discovered. In this way, the eye carries out dead cells and impure fluids like pipelines.

The human brain also has a system similar to regular pipelines for the removal of waste products and hazardous fluids called the glyphosate system. Similarly, the system that removes waste products from our body is called the lymphatic system. But now a similar system has been discovered in the eye of rats.

This system, which acts like a brain, has been observed on the backs of rat eyes. Inside the human eye, certain structures are formed from which toxic, waste and harmful substances are expelled. But don't underestimate this discovery because in its light the cause of many diseases can be understood and many diseases can be cured.

The visual system of mice is similar to that of humans. Experts believe that when this natural system of eye hygiene in humans deteriorates, the eye suffers from a number of diseases, among which green cataracts (glaucoma) are at the top of the list. Scientists also say that if irregular fluid continues to accumulate in the eye and does not go out, the eye is severely affected.

That is why this report, published in Science Translational Medicine, is so important that research has been done at the University of Copenhagen.

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