In Queens Land Experts have announced that the world's largest kangaroo, 8 feet tall and weighing 600 pounds (274 kilograms), was present in Australia 40,000 years ago. This was announced by Scott Hocknell, an anesthesiologist at the Queensland Museum.

According to him, it was the largest kangaroo in the world with a height of about two and a half meters or 8 feet. At the same time, the world's largest lizards crawled, and some of them were up to 20 feet long, the size of today's Komodo dragon.

Professor Scott said that at the same time, long-toothed tigers, bears and woodpeckers were common around the world, but Australian creatures were slightly different, including large snakes, 70-meter-long crocodiles and unusually long lizards.

These lizards are called Magellania and their jaw teeth and hand bones have been discovered. Details of the discovery are published in Nature. The artifacts were found in the Mack area of   northern Australia. Traces of 16 new creatures have already been discovered here.

The jaw and leg bones of the giant kangaroo have also been discovered at the site.

According to experts, they were not hunted by humans, but due to climate change, they gradually became extinct and today only their bones are found. 40,000 years ago, this area was lush, where other animals were also found. At the time, there were probably no humans in the area, but they were confined to other parts of Australia.

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