The players of the famous Spanish football club Barcelona turned to the field after a long break.

According to the reports released by the news agency, the well-known Spanish football club Barcelona has started practice after more than two months. On Friday, May 8, the club's players turned to the field and practiced the game.

On this occasion, all the precautionary measures were taken by the players and the administration in the context of the global epidemic of coronavirus. Athletes also used masks and sanitizers during, before and after the game. For the first time, athletes trained and practiced individually.
Superstar Lionel Messi also attended the practice session two months later. Earlier, all the players were also tested.
On the other hand, the world football organization FIFA has decided to allow 5 alternate players per match for the expected football season after corona. However, this arrangement will be on a temporary basis for competitions ending this year. In addition, organizers of leagues and tournaments can opt out of the video replay system if they wish.

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